2. Worker registration and inductions (click to expand the instructions)

Step 1 > Complete Contractor Approval Request Form and provide supporting documents

Click the button below to download a Contractor Approval Request Form.

On completion, please email the form to your Wambo Job Coordinator for their signature approval.

When this signed form is returned to you by your Wambo Job Coordinator, send the documents below via email to wamboinductions@peabodyenergy.com:

– Site-signed Contractor Approval Request Form

– Coal Board Medical (with medical management plan if restrictions mentioned)

– ILO Report

You will be emailed a document approval, which must be uploaded later in this process (step 4) as you register your workers at Wambo.

Step 2 > Add workers

Select Manage Employee Data. Choose Add Employee and enter your employee’s details. Select submit.

Step 3 > Choose role/s

Select process next to the employee’s name, select their role/s (beginning with Wambo), and apply. Ensure you’ve agreed to the terms and conditions and choose a card delivery address. Select save.

You will pay for worker registration, access cards and inductions later in this process.

Step 4 > Upload supporting documents

You will now be prompted to upload documents supporting the role/s you’ve chosen for your worker, including a photo for their ID access card, an approved contractor request form, the document approval (from step 1), and a completed Letter of Confirmation of Previous Experience (LOC).

Step 5 > Book inductions

Book online and Site Familiarisation inductions for your employee to complete. They’ll be emailed a link to complete the online induction, and will complete the Site Familiarisation at Wambo.

Step 6 > Pay for registration

-Individual registration: $75 + GST per employee for two years.

– Induction bookings: $75 + GST per booking per worker.

-Individual renewal (every two years): $75 + GST per employee inclusive of all training to remain compliant across all Peabody sites.

-Replacement card: $30 + GST per card

Registration and training approved

Pegasus will review your worker’s registration and verify their documents. On approval and successful completion of all inductions, their access ID card will be sent for site access.

You will only be pre-qualified to work for Peabody when you have completed both business and worker registration.

Please visit Help and Resources for more information and induction booking documents.