1. Company registration (click to expand the instructions)

Step 1 > Register your business details

The Peabody Contractor Management System can be found by clicking the button below:

Select Register and:

> Search for your business’s name to request a new login, or choose to add your business and search by your ABN.

> Complete your registration request by filling in your business details (name, address, ABN and contact details).

> Submit these details and, on approval, you’ll be emailed your new user name and password to login.

Step 2 > Complete your business profile

Using your new details, login to the Peabody Contractor Management System >

Follow the process to register your business, which includes answering a short questionnaire about the work you do.

Upon approval of your registration by Pegasus, you should move to stage 2 of your registration – registering workers and booking their inductions.